Corporate Events Planning

The Tahiya Events and Services Corporate Event Planning package offers corporate organizations the planning of:


Social Events Planning

We offer a variety of social events planning for you. They include:

Memorable Wedding Ideas

       Flowers and Decor

At Tahiya, we advise you on the type of wedding flowers you choose depending on several factors:


Wedding Themes and Reception Styles

Wedding themes and Reception styles  have been around and they  are relied based on style, structure, accessories or colors


      Wedding Cake ideas

There are a lot of ideas when it comes to wedding cakes. The wedding cakes are available in different sizes, shapes and flavors.


   Jonquil - affection returned

This is the package for the bride and groom that need a head start or have made their own plans and believe they have everything handled....

  Zinnia - Lasting Affection

This is the "Day" of planning package designed for the bride and groom who would like extra.......


     Azalea - eternal love

This is a partial Wedding Planning Package, and allows the bride a hands on role in her planning with our professional assistance hence a smooth flow...


    Gardenia -secret love

The following additional wedding planning can be provided at an extra fee which can add value and make your wedding extra special.......


  Ambrosia - love reciprocated

This is a full wedding planning package;designed to provide guidance from start to finish to make a wedding truly memorable ...

About Us

Tahiya Group Ltd is a group of companies with a firm footprint in Events Planning, Decor services and design and creation of one of a kind Gift hampers and Gift baskets.

What started in October 2010, with the provision of spectacular events through creativity and uniqueness based on individual taste and preferences has now grown into a full fledged group of companies offering a wide bouquet of services....Read More

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