Corporate Events Planning

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The Tahiya Events and Services Corporate Event Planning package offers corporate organizations the planning of:

Social Events Planning

We offer a variety of social events planning for you. They include:


 Flowers and Decor

At Tahiya, we advise you on the type of wedding flowers you choose depending on several factors:

Wedding Themes and Reception Styles

Wedding themes and Reception styles  have been around and they  are relied based on style, structure, accessories or colors

Wedding Cake ideas

There are a lot of ideas when it comes to wedding cakes. The wedding cakes are available in different sizes, shapes and flavors.


Jonquil – affection returned

This is the package for the bride and groom that need a head start or have made their own plans and believe they have everything handled….

Zinnia – Lasting Affection

This is the “Day” of planning package designed for the bride and groom who would like extra…….

Azalea – eternal love

This is a partial Wedding Planning Package, and allows the bride a hands on role in her planning with our professional assistance hence a smooth flow…

Gardenia -secret love

The following additional wedding planning can be provided at an extra fee which can add value and make your wedding extra special…….

Ambrosia – love reciprocated

This is a full wedding planning package;designed to provide guidance from start to finish to make a wedding truly memorable …