About Us

Wedding, Event & Party planning EXTRAORDINAIRE…. that’s us.


  Wedding, Event & Party planning EXTRAORDINAIRE…. that’s us.


Our scope of operation does not limit itself to our physical location. Tahiya is a full service event planning company….


We provide spectacular events through creativity and uniqueness based on individual taste…  

more surprises…….

Romantic Proposal Ideas

Thinking of getting engaged? The memories of your proposal will last a lifetime,…

Bridal Shower ideas

Planning a bridal shower? No need to go further;

Stag night party ideas

we are a one stop shop for organizing stag nights armed with brilliant ideas on dares…

Romantic Getaways

Dont we all love surprises.. if you have been planning to sweep your loved one off…

Wedding service packages

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Ambrosia – love reciprocated

This is a full wedding planning package;designed to provide guidance from start to finish to make a wedding…

Azalea – eternal love

This is a partial Wedding Planning Package, and allows the bride a hands on role in her planning with…

Zinnia – Lasting affection

This is the “Day” of planning package designed for the bride and groom who would like extra assistance…

Jonquil – affection returned

This is the package for the bride and groom that need a head start or have made their own plans and believe…

Gardenia -secret love

The following additional wedding planning can be provided at an extra fee which can add value and…