About Us


Tahiya Group Ltd is a group of companies with a firm footprint in Events Planning, Decor services and design and creation of one of a kind Gift hampers and Gift baskets.

What started in October 2010, with the provision of spectacular events through creativity and uniqueness based on individual taste and preferences has now grown into a full fledged group of companies offering a wide bouquet of services.

Our quality service is what has uniquely differentiated Tahiya Group Ltd’s into the preferred partner company we are today.


 To be the to go to company for event planning, decor services and gift hamper provision


 Our mission is to transform the industries we are involved in and give the most unforgettable experiences to our clients.

Core Values:

 At Tahiya  we are committed to:

– Offering uniquely impactful service
– Excellence in delivery
– Understanding and being proactive to our clients  needs
– Exceeding expectation